Help!  We really need some more committee members if we want this festival to survive in its current format.  We have always been a small team but with two more members stepping down, we are desperately in need of new people.  So why join? For a committee member it is the chance to take part in shaping a music festival and having some influence in what music is heard in Shipston and its neighbouring villages. In a way, it is really a good introduction into event management.  It is also a great opportunity to meet people, especially if you are new to the town and want to get involved in the community.  It is so important that we do recruit new members as we do not want Shipston to lose such a valuable musical asset.

At our recent AGM we thanked the outgoing Treasurer Peter White who has done a fantastic job of running our finances for the last five years. Before he left Peter told us that the best bit of being a treasurer was dealing with the proms sponsors and always being amazed at the kind generosity of the local businesses, that without their support, we wouldn’t be able to hold the Proms. He enjoyed being busy dealing with all the financial aspects of the proms during the two-week programme but was always happy to finally see a clear High Street early on the Sunday morning after the final night. Peter said that it been great working with the committee and will miss meeting up with the team to arrange this fantastic event for Shipston.

We also elected the officers for the Proms for 2023/2024:

Chair                                   Charlotte Haines

Assistant Chair                   Haydn Ward

Treasurer                            Haydn Ward

Secretary                            Michelle Clark

Friends Secretary              TBA

Social Secretary                TBA

Publicity & PR                   Susan Perry & Chris Roberts

Website                             David Farrell

So, if there are any potential new members out there who would like to join us and help plan for the Proms 2024 we meet on the third Wednesday of the month at the back of the George at 7.00pm.   If you would like to get in contact beforehand, please get in touch with Charlotte, our current chair at charlottewphotography@hotmail.co.uk

The dates of the 24th Shipston Proms will be 21st June 2024 – July 6th 2024